The Offices @ 3208

Commercial Office Space for Small Business – Finance – Insurance – Professional Services

Convenient, highly visible location on the corner of State Hwy 33 and 32nd Street La Crosse, WI

The Wilson Thomas Advantage

  • Ideal for new or start-up business
  • Single or minimal employee businesses
  • Three – 900/SF units — singly or combined
  • High visibility from well-traveled thoroughfares
  • Reasonable long term leasing options
  • Attractive low maintenance, high-quality construction
  • Proven, cooperative property managers

No new personal size office space has been built recently in the area, although a high number of homes and subdivisions exist outbound, with more homes being constructed in highly-desirable rural living near La Crosse. This property occupies a most valuable location.

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Customize Your Space

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Wilson Thomas Properties is eager to work with business clients to

  • Assist in carrying out design and layouts
  • Create efficient and tasteful office spaces to fit individual needs
  • Provide skilled sub-contractors familiar with the facility
  • Contribute to build-out costs
  • Take advantage of existing electrical and hvac systems



  • Architect-designed state approved without conditions
  • Construction and all sub-contractors coordinated/managed personally by builder
  • Contractor and sub-contractors proven successful, familiar with Wilson Thomas Properties
  • Engineer-designed, state inspected/approved plumbing, Hvac and electrical systems
  • Fire suppression systems designed/installed/tested by Fireline, Inc.; inspected and approved by state inspectors and local fire department
  • Insulation and office spaces certified sound retardant
  • High quality materials throughout; build-out ready with original contractors familiar with the project
  • Restroom, individual hvac units provided in each 900 s/f unit
  • Convenient parking available
  • Groomed grounds year-round


Our three commercial office spaces are perfect for business service companies who value:

  • Location — High visibility with low congestion
  • Unit size — Moderate sizes at reasonable long-term costs
  • Quality construction — Materials, workmanship and installation
  • Attractive architectural style — Conservative, modern, attractive
  • Safety — Fire-rated full building sprinkler and alarm system
  • Accessible — Handicap entries; convenient supplier access
  • Quiet — Interior spaces with advanced exterior sound control
  • Parking — Accessible on-site and convenient entry/exit
  • Area lighting — Tasteful exterior lighting carry air of quality reserve
  • Transportation — City/regional bus service within 75’
  • Proximity — Easy travel to hospitals, universities, Trane Co, shopping, restaurants

Seeking Low-impact commercial ventures to The Offices @ 3208  such as:

  • Financial planning advisors
  • Accountancy services
  • Insurance agencies
  • Investment advising groups
  • Dental/Medical specialty providers
  • Professional consultation teams
  • Medical/Clinical managing staffs

Pricing, Fees and Lease Structure

  • Prices for The Officies @ 3208 are competitive;
    • Leases for five or more years
    • Lower rates for longer terms
  • An assurance deposit, customarily an investment CD assigned to the leaser, will be negotiated with each lease in support of completion of agreed-upon terms
  • Price is a flat-fee per-month including taxes, property insurance and exterior maintenance with long-term lease rate stability
  • Leaser is responsible for
    • Personal office and employee insurance,
    • Electric and natural gas utilities, fiber optic computer fees
    • Interior maintenance
  • Build-out allowance negotiable.
  • HVAC and plumbing systems for restrooms are installed.


Click here for a downloadable fact sheet.

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